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Types of Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons address musculoskeletal ailments including arthritis, trauma and congenital deformities using both surgical and non-surgical means.
Here you will find general information on the procedures an orthopaedic surgeon may use to treat you.
Bones: autograft (bone grafting) , laminectomy, osteotomy, patellectomy, reduction, resection
Joints: arthroscopy, arthrodesis (fusion), arthroplasty (replacement), lavage, revision, synovectomy, Muscles, tendon, fascia, bursa: fasciotomy, open release, tenotomy
Other: aspiration, debridement, discectomy, distraction osteogenesis, external fixation, internal fixation, intramedullary nailing or rodding limb salvage, percutaneous pinning

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