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Shailesh sir is an extraordinary personality and an outstanding Teacher.. Because of him I came to learn what people learn in 3 years in just merely 6 month.. I am sure that there is not a single teacher and guide like him in India.. I will be thankful to him my whole life. Coming to Bodyline was like decree from God. I was a stranger in Ahmedabad knowing not a single person. I had an Address and a Hope and my all dreams of learning was fulfilled here.. He not merely teaches the art of Urology but how to Run ur own hospital..

I am equally thankful to Madhu Madam for the support she gave me and taught me intricacies when I faltered.. She is an amazing person.. I love them both and wud keep loving them throughout my Life..

It was a great experience to work at one of the best hospitals of Ahmedabad. With a wide range of cases and excellent hands on training. I am able to perform most of basic urology procedures thanks to Dr Shailesh sir.

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