Dr. Shailesh A Shah

Urologist & Chairman of Bodyline Hospitals

Dear friends,
In March 1988, after i qualified as a urologist from Vellore, i came to ahmedabad and joined IKDRC Civil Hospital. At that time Gujarat had no teaching infrastracture in urology. We started the first DNB urology teaching programme in IKDRC and thanks to DNB, we now have more than 40 trained urologists in Ahmedabad. Due To my academic contribution I am at present President of Urological Society of India (West Zone).

In private practice i started Kidneyline Healthcare with all facilities under one roof. Kidneyline Healthcare was a 20 bedded modern nursing home with all diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Our experience at Kidneyline helped us when we decided to go for a Multi super speciality hospital. I was upset looking at the pathetic condition of urology departments of all corporate hospitals in Ahmedabad. They only have priority for cardiology and other money spinning specialities. That is the reason why their Operation Theaters are not fully equipped. They do not have Flexible scope for RIRS, Holmium Laser, KTP Green Light Laser and other Hi-Tech equipments. Our primary aim is to provide best technical know how to each & every patient visiting our hospital. All super specialities like Neurosurgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Paediatric surgery, Spine & Orthopaedic surgery & all medical specialities like Dermatology & Cosmetology, Diabetology, Nephrology, G.I. Medicine, Pain Management etc are available for you, with world class expertise. All my team members are experts in their respective fields & each and every patient will benefit from their expertise. I wish a you happy and memorable experience at Bodyline Hospitals.

Thank You
Dr. Shailesh Shah
Bodyline Hospitals, Ahmedabad

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