Bodyline Hospitals a venture of Kidneyline Health Care, was setup in the year 2010 with a basic intent of providing quality health care to people of all ages and all socio-economic strata by a team of doctors. Bodyline Health Care was born out of the need for a good centre which catered to patients with complicated diseases in Ahmedabad. It is a judicious blend of high end technology, world class expertise and outstanding personalized care.
Bodyline Hospitals, Ahmedabad has an advanced emergency management system that can manage road traffic accidents, stroke & industrial accidents, which is managed by a team of casualty medical officers who are supported by specialist in all medical disciplines. An ambulance manned by trained paramedics will be on call for 24hrs . We treat all kinds of medico-legal cases like road accidents, burns, poison, stab injuries, gunshots etc.
It is in the heart of Western Ahmedabad, Paldi area and is near to old Kidneyline Hospital. It just 6 kms. from the Ahmedabad railway station and 9 kms. from the Ahmedabad International Airport.

We provide clinical care in organized manner:

We have Department Directors guiding the Clinical activities of the department.
Well formulated Nursing care protocols and Policies.

We are striving for the following:
  • We are focusing National as well as International Accreditation.
  • Going to for NABH (National Accreditation).
  • Providing Home Healthcare.
  • Use of Latest Technology in all areas.
  • Implementation of Software to facilitate all the functions.
Various committees formed like:
  • Executive Committee of Medical Staff
  • Marketing Committee
  • Infection Control Committee
  • Medical Record Compliance Committee
Bodyline is Different:
  • A well designed hospital by known hospital Architect.
  • Centralized Surveillance System in Hospital.
  • Each bed has central gas line.
  • All the beds are well ventilated & spacious.
  • Centralized Announcement and Music System.

Infrastructure of Bodyline:
  • 24 hrs best laboratory and blood bank (Green cross)
  • World class Siemens digital high resolution x-rays
  • Full time radiologist doing sonography on best imported Phillips machine
  • CT scan from day 1 on GE Machine
Emergency & Trauma Care at Bodyline Hospitals:
  • Casualty : All the patients are attended 24hours/365 days by qualified doctors.
  • All accidents & MLC are accepted
  • Our in house RMO and Surgeon will diagnose with Infrastructure
  • If require they will shift to 12 bedded ultramodern ICU
  • Round the clock everyday a team of orthopedic surgeon would attend the patient.
Group Hospital:
  • Kidneyline Hospitals

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